Kiwaya Ukuleles

Kiwaya Soprano Ukulele

Kiwaya Ukuleles

Kiwaya Ukuleles are built as light as possible for tone and projection. Our craftsmen pay close attention to details such as intonation, action, playability and cosmetic appearance.

Kiwaya Ukuleles are all made in Japan and are the only Japanese-built ukuleles available in the U.S. market.

Master Series (Build to order)
Top of the line – All solid wood (Premium curly koa) ukuleles are available in soprano and concert sizes.

Artist Series
All solid wood ukuleles, and these are the closest things to the vintage Martins. Available in soprano and concert sizes.

Eco Series
The environmentally-friendly laminated wood ukuleles are quickly gaining in popularity. Extremely thin laminated wood body. Available in soprano size.

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